Industrial Ovens
Industrial Ovens
Industrial Ovens

INDUSTRIAL OVENS from JB Finishing Inc include Batch Ovens, Bake Ovens, and Dry Off Ovens, along with fans and ventilation. Our ovens are made of welded construction and we use superior components throughout. Options may include double doors, or doors on either end.


Standard Features include:

  • Maxon Apex burner 1 million BTU capacity
  • Honeywell & Seimens components
  • C.S.A approved components
  • T.S.S.A approved gas piping components
  • 5HP TEFC recirc twin outlet fan motor
  • Heat slingers C/W guards
  • IgnitionTransformer
  • Air switches, recirc and combustion blower
  • Manual reset hiGH limit temperature control


Standard Features include:

  • 20 ga. Satin Coat steel interior and exterior skins
  • 4 lb. density insulation which is pre-formed, mineral-fiber felt
  • Self-supporting, formed tongue and groove construction
  • Satin Coat steel headers, slotted to minimize heat transfer
  • Panels are banded and skidded for ease of shipping and handling

Optional items include:

  • Custom panel widths
  • Complete trim packages
  • Profile openings and cutouts
  • Fiberglass insulation, cut to width for insulating joints and corners
  • 6 lb. density insulation
  • Oven ductwork, diffusers
  • Hinged access doors with handles & latch