Batch Oven
Batch Oven
Batch Oven

JB Finishing's new Compact Gas Fired Batch Oven was manufactured and CFD tested to be energy efficient with optimal heat uniformity throughout.

Features include:

  • Compact size, 8’W x 8’H x 10’L
  • Energy efficient
  • Heat uniformity, CFD analysis performed
  • Approximately 10 min start up time
  • Minimal set up time

This new compact gas fired batch oven would complement existing paintline systems, or would enable a new company starting out to purchase at a minimal cost our oven to begin powder coating.

Our oven is shipped assembled on a flat bed truck and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Our oven is modular in design allowing it to fit on a 53’ trailer and allows for easy set up time.

Our CFD analysis was performed by ROI engineering and our prototype yielded positive results.

Prices start from $28,000.00CDN IN STOCK


JB Finishing Inc offers BATCH OVENS that are gas-fired and are energy efficient to meet the increasing costs of manufacturing. We offer either standard ovens or build custom ovens to suit your needs. Our large facility enables us to build any size unit with various operating temperatures dependant on your requirements. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and build a unit that suits your needs.

  • 4" Ovenwall insulated panels
  • 6" Combustion box oven panels
  • 4" thick insulated hinged doors
  • Comes with latches
  • Heavy duty twin outlet blower
  • Wheel with heat slingers
  • Electrical Control Panel Hydro approved CSA)
  • Heavy duty exhaust blower
  • Maxon, Eclipse Natural Gas burner comes with safeties

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